Friday, February 22, 2013

Lost 70's - 5 from the 70's

5 lost 70's tunes

I only heard this song about 3 or 4 years ago. Colin Bluntstone who was and is the lead singer of the Zombies and sang some with the Alan Parsons Project, covered on a recent solo album. Apparently Art Garfunkel had a minor hit with it back in 1975. This is the original by the guy who wrote it. Apparently Tim Moore is from the Philly area and was in the group Gulliver with Daryl Hall.
He had some minor successes as a songwriter.
This one is a classic post-break up ballad. A guy moving into a new place remembering some of the little moments that can haunt you..

                        Tim Moore  "Second Avenue"

This one is from Gerry Rafferty's 1979 album "Night Owl". His "City to City" album was a smash the year before. This one has a little bit of an Elton John feel to it.

         Gerry Rafferty "Days Gone Down"

The hit title track from Al Stewart's 1978 album.

                                                Al Stewart  "Time Passages"

My favorite Alan Parsons Project songs were usually sung by Lenny Zakatek,. ("Games People Play", "I wouldn't want to be Like You", "Damned If I Do")
        Alan Parsons Project "One More River"

This single may have made Chris Rea seem like a middle of the road Rod Stewart type. He is actually a great slide guitar player. Most of his music is more like Dire Straits. "Knopfler-esque" you might say.

This was really his only US hit
       Chris Rea  "Fool"(if you think it's Over"

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