Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 tunes- Randy Newman, #ASIA, Steve Howe #RUSH, #Fleetwoodmac

Some more random tunes that enter my mind or come thru my radio on SiriusXM

In 1988 Jeff Lynne was THE hot producer. Working with George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty ,Brian Wilson and of course, the Traveling Wilburys. He help out yet another Warner Brothers artist on this one. Really features that lush Jeff Lynne acoustic guitar sound.

                  Randy Newman-"falling in Love"

I remember staying up to watch the ASIA in ASIA concert in Dec of 1983 on MTV. I remember really liking this acoustic piece from Steve Howe that was unreleased at the time. It was later released on the GTR album in 1986 and called it "Sketches in the Sun"
You don't have to like Asia to appreciate this one, it really recalls his work with YES more.

           Steve Howe/ASIA- "Sketches in the Sun"

This Peter Green song has survived every incarnation of Fleetwood Mac. Really a classic blues rock song.

Fleetwood Mac Live 1977- "Oh Well"

This one always seemed like kind of a early 60's vocal group/Phil Spector pastiche to me. 
Must have been something in the water in 1983 as the Police also used that kind of template, with the major-to-relative-minor chord progression, for "Every Breath You take".

This live, acoustic version from 2012 has it's innocent charms

                           ASIA- "Don't Cry" Live 2012

Was happy to hear this one on SiriusXM the other day. I think "Grace Under Pressure" was the last RUSH album I really loved.
 I liked that they were influenced by the Police, Simple Minds, Ultravox, U2, etc.

                                      Rush- "Kid Gloves"

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