Sunday, February 24, 2013

5 Lost 80's tunes- Tim Finn, Real Life, Rock & Hyde

More lost 80's songs:

From the Moody Blues very successful 1986 album. This one has a "People Get Ready"-type chords progression.

                                             "It May Be a Fire"

The 1983 album "Heartland" was a new wave classic. "Send Me an Angel" was later released again and became a hit. This one was probably catchier.

                Real Life "Catch Me I'm Falling"

Growing up Different were a local Baltimore based band formed out of the ashes of the group Facedancer. The guys went in a more decidedly  "new wave" direction. I thought their stuff was as good or better than more well known new wave groups at the time.

This is from their 1985 EP

 Growing Up Different "Life on the Moon"

Bob Rock and Paul Hyde were members of the Canadian band The Payolas. Rock had a lot of success as an engineer, often engineering producer Bruce Fairbairn's projects like Loverboy, Prism, honeymoon Suite and Bon Jovi. Rock would go on to huge success as a producer with the Cult, Motley Crue , and Metallica "The Black Album".
I always thought their 1987 release "Under the Volcano" was overlooked.

        Rock and Hyde "Knocking on Closed Doors"

Tim Finn was the co-founder and leader of the group Split Enz. Eventually his younger brother Neil joined and took the band to new heights, but never to great success in America. Tim left the group in 1983 to release his first solo album. After the success of his brother's group Crowded House, Capitol records in America came-a-calling. Tim used the same producer as Crowded House, Mitchell Froom, and his brother Neil helped out on the album. It was a good release, but didn't achieve success. Tim went onto join Crowded House for one successful album and then went back to solo work.

                          Tim Finn "Crescendo"

Crescendo by Tim Finn on Grooveshark

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