Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Lost 80's tunes: Night Ranger Elvis Brothers Cretones

                                   Hear are some old lost 80's tunes I like. 

We're coming out of Valentines Day. Here's a break-up tune. lol.
Got that Power Ballad sound. From 1987. Lots of 80's posing in this vid

                  Night Ranger "Hearts Away"

Whitesnake from 1980. The original version of "Fool or Your Loving"
I remember this was the first song I ever heard by them and liked it.

Glen Burtnik was later signed to A&M for two 80's solo albums and he later joined Styx.
 Helmet Boy was a likeable Power Pop band he was in . From 1980

                         Helmet Boy "Hurts Like Love"

The Cretones were an early 80's new wave/power pop band lead by Mark Goldenberg (Who is Jackson Browne's guitarist these days). Linda Ronstadt dug them enough to cover some of their songs.

                   The Cretones "Empty Heart"

The Elvis Brothers 1985 release "Adventure Time" was produced by Adrian Belew. Great Power Pop. They later put out a good cd in the 90's. When I ordered the cd Brad Elvis even wrote to me (pre-internet) asking where I had heard of the band.

                      The Elvis Brothers "Crosswinds"

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