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10 underrated Eagles songs

I recently watched the 3hr "History of the Eagles".

 Of course they have a lot of hits and are arguably the biggest American Rock Band of all-time. Their "Greatest Hits" collection sold over 26 million albums alone!

I like some of their lesser known songs just as much. 

Here are 10 of them

A great lead vocal from Henley. A song full of regret..

                              "Saturday Night"

I can't say I am a fan of Tom Waits. I don't think he belongs in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Sorry.
Hearing others cover his songs make them far more palatable. Rod Stewart and Patty Smyth both covered "Downtown Train". Springsteen covered "Jersey Girl" . Seger covered "new Coat of Paint". Paul Young covered "Soldiers Things". 
Here the Eagles cover him as well

                                       "Ol '55"


  One of their underrated ballads
 "Time passes and you must move on,
Half the distance takes you twice as long"

                      "After the Thrill is Gone"

We've all heard most of the "Hotel California" album a million times but a few tracks never get much airplay. 
At first glance Randy Meisner's "Try and Love Again" sticks out as a weak track, but after repeated listens it is a nice change of pace from the tone of some of the other tracks. 
I still hear it played on Sirius now and again.

                                 "Try and Love Again"

Joe Walsh is always thought of as the zany rock guy buy he has written some incredible ballads. The guys must have thought well of this one, because they played it on the "Hell Freezes Over' Tour.

                                 "Pretty Maids all in a Row" (live)

"Seven Bridges Road" was written by Folk Musician Steve Young and covered a few times in the 70's. The Eagles used it as a showcase for their great vocal harmonies. I saw Don Felder solo in Nov and he still does the song with his band.

                               "Seven Bridges Road"

The "Long Run" album was big success for the Eagles, but apparently it was painful to make. the band nicknamed it "The Long One" as it took so long to make. The band didn't make it past the summer of 1980, breaking up for almost 14 years.

      I liked it when they let loose, had some humor and rocked. 
The guitar riff sounds like a Joe Walsh-type lick but the song was written by Henley and Frey. 
Glenn Frey's synth solo on this is awesome.
  "you're not like your mother, you're not like the others, you're not quite like anyone else.."

                           "Teenage Jail"

That song is followed by the frat party tune "The Greeks Don't Want no Freaks". Complete with some surf guitar and Farfisa sounding organ.  Wonder if the guys had been watching "Animal House"(?!)
(Henley would later revisit this sound with "Johnny Can't Read")

                        "The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks"

"The Long Run" ends with the reflective ballad "The Sad Cafe". A tribute to their early days at the Troubadour. A weary reflection of the years gone by and innocence lost...
                 "I don't know why fortune smiles on some
                         and let's the rest go free"

                          "The Sad Cafe"

I'll even throw in one from their most recent release 2007's "Long Road Out of Eden". I have mixed feelings about the release. It probably would have been a quite good single cd. They stretched it out to 2 cds. They definitely could have dropped some of the weaker tracks. 
They gave Joe Walsh his allotted 2 songs. 
Strangely, one of them he decided to cover his friend Frankie Millers' "Guilty of the Crime" He had already covered the song solo back in 1993 and it's not anything great. Now, Miller had some major health issues so it's possible Joe was trying to help him out financially as Miller must reap some decent royalties from having the song on an Eagles album.
 For his 2nd song, Joe did a quirky kind of jazzy/R&B humorous look at giving up the wild life. The track has a bit of a Steely Dan feel.

"The Last Good Time in Town"

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