Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vinyl Exam: Face to Face "One Big Day"

Face to Face were a Boston based band in the 80's (not to be confused with the punk band of the same name in the 90's).

 Their debut album came out in 1984 and included production work by Arthur Baker, best known for dance remixes for the likes of Cyndi Lauper Afrika Bambata, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates and more.
 Lead singer Laurie Sargent fronted the band while much of the material was written by guitarist Angelo Petraglia. The album did make a bit of a dent with the single "10-9-8" and a the minor hit "Under the Gun". The band was came accross as a bit more of a dance rock version of Patty Smyth and Scandal. Their 2nd album "Confrontation" came out in 1985.The sound moved away some from the dance rock sound and explored some bigger themes like on "America's Dream" featuring backing vocals from Little Steven of the E Street Band.

The band was released from their CBS Records contract and signed with Polygram records.

I was surprised when "One Big Day" appeared in 1988 one day at the record store I was working at. IThe album didn't get any radio play and the video for "As Forever As You" was in very light rotation on MTv briefly.

The sound was much more in tune with some of the Roots Rock that had become popular in the wake of the success of Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp. Gone were any dance rock overtones...

"One Big Day" is better, less pretentious, not as histrionic,than anything by the much lauded Lone Justice from that era. The lyrics dig deep and deal with struggle. Some of the tunes seem to allude to Christianity, having faith.

 "the Grass Grows Greener" live  (starts around 8:00 mark)

"a Place called Home and "Change in the Wind" live. (start around 6:00 mark preceeded by a Waterboys cover. )

sorry I can't offer you better samples. The cd has been long out of print. i am glad I purchased it when it came out. It is certainly worth seeking out. 
If you, um, do a little Googling you may be able to find it.

After the breakup, Laurie Sargent released a solo cd and formed the band Twinemen. Angelo Petraglia has had big success producing Kings of Leon. Stu Kimball is currently a member of Bob Dylan's band.

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