Sunday, December 23, 2012

some random tunes.. #PhilCollins #Split Enz #FRIDA

Moving a bunch of files tonight listening to some stuff I haven't listened to in a while.

When Phil Collins left Genesis (some of you are saying, "he left Genesis? When?") Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks decided to continue on with a new singer. Ray Wilson was hired and did a good job. His voice is somewhat Gabriel-like. This one is that familiar theme of isolation and loneliness..
 The album was not bad but it did not burn up the charts. One big mistake they made was to try and play arenas. They should have scaled it back and lowered expectations, but once you've been at the top...

                          Genesis "Shipwrecked"

A galloping little tune, examining how we get lost here in this world. The things we try to do to occupy our time and fill our voids. Kind of sweet how he mentions the other Beatles..

 George Harrison "living in the Material World"

Fast Forward was a band lead by Ian Lloyd from the Stories (remember "Brother Louie" now used as a theme to Louis CK's show? That's him singing.) He also sang backing vocals on a few Foreigner albums.
 This is a cover of a more obscure moody Bryan Adams song from 1984.
                    Fast Forward "Tonite"

In 1982 Phil Collins was really becoming a superstar. He produced ex-Abba singer Frida's solo album. She did have a hit with Russ Ballard's "I Know There's Something Going On". This song was written by Stephen Bishop. The video is cheesy, but the Phil Collins drum sound was powerful and unique.

Check out the other video of Phil producing the song for her. You really get insight to how meticulous the recording process is.

               Frida "Tell Me That it's Over"

                           Phil Collins producing 

Speaking of Phil Collins, I always thought this one was pretty good. Very British pop, maybe a little Ray Davies influence, or even Herman Hermits, etc. Explores the awkwardness of first love, teenage love, etc...

                      Phil Collins "like China"

Occasionally, The Finn brothers reunite Split Enz. Here's one from 2006, Of course Neil Finn is one of the best pop songwriters of the past 30 years..

Split Enz "Message to My Girl" Live 

wasn't a big fan of 90's music. i think Grunge is one of the most over-rated genres of all-time. Pearl jam and Nirvana didn't do much for me. I like melody and these guys had some. Cheap Trick has often proved you could mix power pop with some hard rock. "..a world of human wreckage..."

Sponge "Plowed"

Mick is the one always pushing the Stones to experiment a bit. Sometimes it works out ("Miss You"), sometimes it doesn't ("Emotional Rescue", "Too Much Blood" etc.)

This one was kind of a cool moody one. You would have had to listen to Side 2 of "Tattoo You" (most of the hits were on side 1...)

     The Rolling Stones "Heaven"


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