Sunday, November 4, 2012

unsung heroes of Rock n'Roll- Gary Tibbs

 Gary Tibbs played with some of the pioneers of the New Romantic/new wave movement. First with Roxy Music and then with Adam Ant. He went on to tour with Little Steven in 1984. In the 2000's he was a member of the Fixx until 2008.

Hey, you're doin pretty good if get named checked in a song. 
"Marco, Merrick, Terry-Lee, Gary Tibbs..."

Cheesy, but Adam Ant made some pretty funny videos and some catchy songs.

               Adam And the Ants "Ant Rap"

Isn't this pretty much the blueprint for Duran Duran ? Has there every been anyone as "cool' in Rock n Roll as Bryan Ferry? Prpobably my favorite Roxy Music album start to finish ("Flesh & Blood")

                              Roxy Music "Same Old Scene"

Surprisingly, Gary hooked up with Little Steven for his 1984 tour, becoming a "Disciple of Soul". Come to think of it, these guys kind of dressed like the Ants! lol

                               "Out of the darkness"

 Gary eventually hooked up with The Fixx, a band more in line with his new wave roots

                     The Fixx "Facing the Wind" live


Not sure who he is playing with these days, but he has had a long an respectable career.


  1. Gary Tibbs hmmm, maybe there is a story about the split of 'Adam and the Ants' involving Mr Tibbs... from 'The amazing ADAM & THE ANTS unofficial facebook page' by Paul Jack Griffiths xx

    1. cool. I'll have to check out. Thanks