Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Five songs; 11-14

Five songs for tonight: Cream, Pete Townshend, Led Zeppelin...

why John Paul Jones is great. Can't wait to buy the Blu-Ray of "Celebration Day"

       Led Zeppelin "Trampled Underfoot" (Live Knebeworth1979)

One of my favorite Mutt Lange productions.  It's got some of that Def Leppard hard rock pop candy to it. Great chord progression on the chorus and love the solo by Keith Scott on the coda...
One of the heaviest enviromental songs ever. lol.

                             Bryan Adams "Don't Drop that Bomb on me"

Billy Burnette comes from rockabilly royalty but he was also in Mick Fleetwood's Zoo, Christine McVie's solo band and eventually joined Fleetwood Mac

 Here he is rockin solo

                                       Billy Burnette "Don't Say No"



  Pete Townshend from his 1985 solo album "White City"


                      Pete Townshend "Come to Mama"


"outside my window there is a tree"??!!

                                   Cream "World of Pain"

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