Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 more 80's AOR Tracks- Rainbow, Whitesnake, YES, BOC, Loverboy

A thrown together list of some AOR tracks

The original Yardbirds version had a slower, Eastern dirge sound to it. Dio and Blackmore give it a brisker pace.

                               Rainbow "Still I'm Sad"


By 1986 Blue Oyster Cult had fallen from their commercial heyday but they weer still writing some good material. This one is another good melodic vocal by Buck Dharma

                                    "Dancin in the Ruins"

An album track from the first Loverboy album. Not a radio hit but still a good one. Seems to be a tale of a young woman gone astray. 80's formula of rock guitar and new wave-ish keyboards.

                                 Loverboy "DOA"

                Probably Whitesnake's best lineup with Cozy Powell. Guitars have that Thin Lizzy style twin- lead harmony.

                               Whitesnake "Guilty of Love"

YES pre-90125 lead by Trevor Rabin, no Jon Anderson rejoining yet..
. A more radio-friendly sound. The intro was later used live for "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

                                   YES "Make it Easy"


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