Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 lost 80's AOR tunes

AOR was a radio format in the late 70's/early 80's. It stood for "Album oriented Rock". (often mistake for Arena oriented rock), Stations used to played more than the latest single. They would play album tracks. You could alway get a good sampling of an album this way before you went and spent your birthday or Christmas money on an album. 
A lot of the bands were "arena rock" bands, Styx, REO ,Foreigner, Journey, etc. Melodic enough for the girls with enough guitars for the boys...

Since there really aren't anymore AOR stations anymore, it is often referred to as melodic rock these days.
While some of it was corny, It is fun to still hear or go see a lot of these old bands. Reminds me of simpler fun times.

Spys featured ex-Foreigner members keyboardist Al Greenwood and bassist Ed Gagliardi. The best Foreigner albums were made with these guys....
This song got some early Mtv play in 1982.

                               Spys "Don't Run My Life"

For some reason, I thought Steel Breeze was Canadian band, but Wikipedia says they were American. 
Taking their name from the lyrics of Pink Floyd's "shine on you Crazy Diamond", they had an Mtv/pop hit with "You Don't Want Me Anymore". This one is a humorous look at a classic 60's/70's rock guy trying to fit in with the new wave 80's. 
Now days , "lost in the 80's" is more wistful for some of us who really enjoyed that time....

                           Steel Breeze "Lost in the 80's"

Chilliwack was a Canadian band. They did have some early Mtv success because they had made some music videos.(remember "Whatcha gonna do When I'm Gone" and "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)? Mtv played pretty much anybody had made promos back in those great early days. Chilliwack had been around since 1969 and by this 1984 release they were winding down. 
Pleasant pop/melodic rock

                                  Chilliwack "don't Stop"

Poco was formed in the late 60's as a country-rock by Rusty Young,Richie Furay (ex-Buffalo Springfield) and Randy Meisner who would later leave to help form the Eagles. Ironically another future Eagles bass player would eventually replace him, Timothy B Schmit. Rusty Young is not a big Eagles fan. lol
 Paul Cotton was one of the "new guys" when he joined in 1970.  Cotton would later become of one the two main singers in 
the band with Young. 

Poco had a hit with "Heart of the Night". Poco would change with the changing times. In the 80's they would rock some and even be influenced a bit by new wave (check out 1984's release "Inamorata)")
 This was always a great rocker and a song that always pumped me up when I was down as a teen in 1980-81. Great vocal by Cotton and great guitar work.

                                   Poco "under the Gun"

I have no idea why this one popped into my head today. REO was a bit of a guilty pleasure, They had just had their biggest album "Hi Infidelity" in 1980-81. They now say they were rushed to put together the follow up 1982's "Good Trouble", but this is a catchy pop tune. Great organ solo.

                    Reo Speedwagon "Keep the Fire Burnin"

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