Sunday, September 2, 2012

my morning random five....

the random mix in my head....

From the last great Talk Talk album("the Colour of Spring") IMO, (I always found "Spirit of Eden" an overrated bore, sorry)

                  Talk Talk "I Don't Believe in You"


I have no idea why this song entered my mind this week. Christmas of  '77 my parents bought me the 8-track tape of the "Rocky" soundtrack. my Dad had taken me to see the movie. It was cool, I was only 10 and my Dad was taking me to a grownup movie. At 11 I was happy to get any music so I would play the tape once in a while. of course the "Rocky Theme" is one of the best themes to a movie ever. This track is by , as Norm MacDonald used to say, "you guessed it. Frank Stallone.."

                     Frank Stallone "Take You back"

ABC live at the Trevor Horn concert. Horn produced the original album. Only singer Martin Fry and drummer David Palmer appear from the original band. I have no idea why bassist Nick Beggs from Kajagoogoo is wearing a leather kilt!! lol

    ABC - 'The Look of Love" (live)

I saw the Fixx last night and I had to smile when they played a little of this song in the middle of "Secret Separation". Producer Rupert Hine who produced the Fixx's most successful work, was one of the producers on Tina Turner's massive comeback album "Private Dancer". On this track you can hear Jamie West-Oram unmistakable ringing guitar tones and Cy Curnin's backing vocals. Hine handled programming and keys. it's almost a Fixx record with Tina Turner singing.  Jamie's hypnotic simple guitar riff makes the song. It looks like they had fun making the video.

          Tina Turner :Better Be Good To Me"


The Fixx didn't do this one last night, but I still love it and I got to talk guitars with Jamie West-Oram. A real thrill

                           The Fixx "Precious Stone"


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