Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some upcoming shows of interest...

I'm always on the lookout for a good concert to go to. I prefer the smaller shows. Catching a band maybe considered past their commercial prime but still performing well.

The Rams Head Group is opening a new venue at the Maryland Casino in Arundel Mills. 
They are mixing booking local acts with some classic national acts.
The venue opens Aug. 31st.

Tickets here 
Some upcoming shows of note are Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night 9/13, and Foghat 9/20 (only Drummer Roger Earl and bassist Craig MacGregor are left from the 70's heyday of the band).

Patty Smyth and Scandal are playing on Sept 27th. I think I am going to head to that show after work that night.

 I've seen them a few times and they put on an energetic show. Smyth was one of the post- Benatar ladies of the 80's.

Record company interference seemed to derail the band and bad videos hurt their rock credibilty. They have been playing a light schedule of gigs since they reunited for VH-1' show "Bands Reunited"
Patty Smyth and Scandal 

It appears that admission for shows will be General Admission with some table seating.

Elsewhere in the Rams Head world, former Eagles guitarist Don Felder appears at the Annapolis location on Nov 18th.

 Don Felder tickets

As of now, I am planning to head to that show. I am someone who is actually a fan of Felder's 80's solo material (remember "Take a Ride on Heavy Metal"?)  He has a new cd out this fall. You can get a free download from his site.

I've never been to the State Theatre in Falls Church, Va. but I may be tempted soon as they are having a Labor Day Weekend show with the Fixx on Sept 1st.

The band has a strong new album out and still seem to be passionate about creating and performing.

Another group appearing with an 80's connection at the State Theater is "From the Jam". A group led by ex-Jam bassist Bruce Foxton. I believe at one time former Jam drummer Rick Buckler was also involved but now the drums are handled by the great Mark Brzezicki, from Big Country and Pete Townshend's solo band.

They had previously seemed to garner the ire of former Jam leader Paul Weller, but Foxton seems to have made up with Weller even appearing on his 2010 album and I believe in guesting at the occasional gig. Perhaps Weller has made some peace with Foxton wanting to celebrate the music and have a career; especially since Weller himself has moved pretty far away from the Jam sound and material.

The band is appearing on Oct. 10th and will be playing the Jam's "In the City" album in it's entirety.

Some may snicker  but one of the bigger more recent announcements was for the 3 living Monkees tour in the late fall. So far they have only announced 12 dates. I am planning to attend the show in Philadelphia at the Keswick Theatre. The event is sold out.

I know cynics are saying "what's the big deal?". Well Michael Nesmith has finally agreed to tour the US with the band. While he did tour the UK with the band in 1997 , he has not toured with them in the US since 1969! 
Mike is the conscience and quality control guy in the band. He was the one who led the charge to take over the musical direction of the band from Don Kirshner in 1967. He is a great writer and singer. He will lend a great deal of credibility to the proceedings and hopefully steer it away from any hokeyness.

I'm excited that these artist I grew up enjoying still have the desire to come out and entertain us.

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