Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Random 5 of the day...

 Saw this tour back in 1984.
             Rush "Kid Gloves" (live 1984)

 John Wetton performing a song he did with UK

       John Wetton "In the Dead of Night"


The first Asia album without John Wetton as lead singer. Moved in a more AOR direction. Not bad.
Ironically this singer, John Payne, tours these days as "Asia featuring John Payne". The band has NO original members in it! 
Of course, the Original Asia reunited in 2006 and still successfully tour and release new albums under the Asia name.

                     Asia "a Far Cry"

Lita Ford has a new cd out and is touring with Def Leppard. Not your typical hard rock song.

            Lita Ford "Living Like a Runaway"


Won some tickets and a "meet & Greet" to see Def Leppard on Tuesday. We'll see how it goes. lol. Confess, I was bummed the tickets are for the "Lawn". Hate sitting so far away on the lawn!
 Hope to get a "Pyromania" cd signed.

                      Def Leppard "Rock Brigade"

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