Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"You're asking Me?" -5 "I Don't Know!" songs

I always like people who admit they don't know all the answers. I hate arrogance. Sometimes you can feel like you know nothing!

Here's five tunes of humbleness and throwing your hands up in the air saying "I don't know!"

Ray Davies says it well. -Don't look to me. Figure it out yourself..                        
                    "You're Asking Me?"

Always loved this riff and Ozzy telling it like it is. 

                  Ozzy- "I Don't Know"!

From 1985, Saga with a moody piece. The confusion you can feel at the end of a love affair. You thought you had it all in control and you end up feeling like you know nothing...

                       Saga-" What Do I Know"

 One from the great melodic hard rock band 
                          King's X
                        "I Don't Know"

               The Replacements used their sloppiness and underachiever attitude as a bit of a defense mechanism. 
They still had some success in spite of themselves!

      The Replacements "I Don't Know"

        I Don't Know by The Replacements on Grooveshark

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