Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a quick Five

Diesel was a band from the Netherlands, I believe. They sounded like a cross between their countrymen Golden Earring and the Steve Miller Band. Their 1981 album "Watts in A Tank" is a lost classic

"My Kind of Woman"

                    My Kind Of Woman by Diesel on Grooveshark

Russ Ballard wrote some classic AOR songs in the 70's and 80's. This one gave him some mild solo success

"On the Rebound"

Aldo Nova is a Canadian artist who had some success on rock radio and early Mtv
"Under the Gun" was on his excellent debut

                    "Under the Gun"


The band "3" was an attempt a more commercial version of Emerson Lake and Palmer, more like Asia. 
This was actually Emerson, Berry and Palmer. They released one album on Geffen. 
The proggers probably felt it was too commercial and I wouldn't disagree but it was the 80's everybody was doing it!
                           3-"Talkin Bout"

Ok, I know it blasphemous to say, but to me the guy with the best voice in Queen was their drummer Roger Taylor. His voice had a great raspy edge to it and it was great on rock tunes. Roger and Brian May sang so many great harmonies with Freddie Mercury. 
Check out Roger's solo work. Great lyrics and some catchy melodies.

              Roger Taylor "Laugh or Cry"

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