Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mick Jagger on SNL-musical performances

I thought Mick did a good job on SNL

I like his performance with the Foo Fighters better than the one with Arcade Fire. Still would have liked to see the Stones involved.

Was the political blues with Jeff Beck considered a "bit"?

19Th Nervous Breakdown/It's Only Rock n' Roll w/ the Foo Fighters
"The Last Time" with Arcade Fire
a political blues "Tea Party" with Jeff Beck. Kind of a throw away but Beck shows how amazing he is...

 Like I said, overall enjoyable but have to wonder; Mick Taylor was in NYC last week and still in town for Monday's Jimmy Fallon which means he and Jagger were in the SAME Building on Monday. He couldn't invite Mick T to play last night? It is also the 40th annv of the release of Exile on Main Street. Another good reason to have at least a Stone or two there?

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