Sunday, May 13, 2012

Doing the five-song shuffle...

Five tunes on in the jukebox of my mind....

Not played us much on the radio but a good tune I still like hearing from them

Lynyrd Skynyrd "Don't Ask Me No Questions"

I must confess I was never a big fan of the Cars first album. I grew to like some of the songs but I was never a big fan of "Good Times Roll", "My Best Friends Girl"; etc. Just never did much for me...
 I was fond of a number of songs on the next couple albums ,but "Shake it Up" was the first one where I liked the whole album. It was their last with Producer Roy Thomas- Baker. They would go on to bigger commercial heights with their next album "Heartbeat City" but artistically they we never the same...

I loved this one and they played it on one of my favorite TV shows "Fridays". I remember watching when it was on. Love Ben's cool swagger playing the keyboard bass. 
                     The Cars "Think It Over"


Love this cut from Zebra's third album. Sort Rush meets Zeppelin

                   Zebra "Better Not Call"

Fortunate to see UK, the Wetton-Jobson-Bozzio version, last week. Incredible show.
Been playing this one over and over in the car.

         "In the Dead of Night" (live 2012)

Well it is Sunday...

       Jethro Tull "My Sunday Feeling" 
             (reunion of original line-up)

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