Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 "Sick of it All' songs!

Every just get fed up with everything? bored, tired, numb...

Here's five songs for when you've just "had it"

Here's one for when you've just had enough of your fellow man (and woman)

             The Who "Had Enough"    (1978)

This group just recently reunited
 The Primitives "Sick of it All"

Paul Westerberg "You've Had it with you"

         You've Had It With You by Paul Westerberg on Grooveshark


        Matthew Sweet "Sick of Myself"

I still think Aimee Mann's first solo cd "Whatever" is her best. I still occasionally return to it and am amazed by it's quality of material. 
This one expresses her frustration with the music business and probably the end of 'Til Tuesday.

"I've Had It"

              I've Had It by Aimee Mann on Grooveshark

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