Sunday, April 1, 2012

"What A Fool Believes"-15 "Fool" songs

Be on your guard today is April Fools Day.
 I personally think it is stupid and kinda mean sometimes.

Lead by Michael McDonald , who inspired such rage in the "40 Year Old Virgin", this was a big hit back in the day. His voice certainly is one of the more polarizing in pop music.

                 The Doobie Brothers "What a fool Believes"

Heard we may get some rain today?

Led Zeppelin "Fool in the Rain"


A good one from the 1982 era. I actually saw this guy open for BOC in the summer of '82

Aldo Nova "Foolin Yourself"


Underrated singer/songwriter Chris Rea and his biggest American hit

Chris Rea "Fool if you Think it's Over"

One of my favorite Stones ballads

The Rolling Stones "fool to Cry"

A kind of "supergroup", Nick Lowe, Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, and Jm Keltner only did one album and tour as the group "Little Village"

Little Village "Fool Who Knows"

A great ballad from Foreigner that has grown in stature over the years. Really captures the feeling of the difficulty of letting go of someone who no longer feels the same....

Foreigner "Fool For You Anyway"


Paul McCartney "the Fool on the Hill"


Complete with the Don Cornelius intro

The Main Ingredient "Everybody Plays the Fool"


Styx "Foolin Yourself"


Def Leppard "Foolin"

They were the kind of a group for people who thought Pat Benatar was too "hard rock" , but they had their charms. I remember half the girls in high school having this kind of short hair cut. lol.

Quarterflash "Find Another Fool"

Pete Townshend's excellent collaboration with the late Ronnie Lane from the Faces

           "April Fool" Ronnie Lane with Pete Townshend


 A lesser known VH cut

Van Halen "Fools"

One of the great songs on the "Morrison Hotel" album

The Doors "Ship of Fools"



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