Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's "mix tape"- random playlist- 5 tunes

5 tunes that came to mind today...

Billy Idol's most popular work includes the guitar work of Steve Stevens, who was one of the most innovative and dynamic guitarists of the 80's. Stevens and Idol parted ways in the late 80's. Idol recruited unknown Texas guitarist Mark Younger-Smith to be his musical foil for his "Charmed Life" release. 

This track features some great guitar work from Younger-Smith. His solo reminds of his fellow Texan , Eric Johnson. I saw Mark had a MySpace page a couple of years ago, I think he plays out locally in Texas. He certainly deserved more attention and fame....

       Billy Idol "Love Unchained"


In 1988 producer Jonathan Elias assembled a group of musicians he had worked with to produce a tribute to Native Americans and their culture entitled "Requiem for the Americas". Jon Anderson and John Waite contribute some lead vocals, Martin and Charlie Sheen (!) do some strange, embarrassing spoken word stuff, recordings of Jim Morrison reading poetry are used. Elias was producing Duran Duran's "Big Thing" around that time so he did get Simon LeBon to sing lead on a track. It was always a guilty pleasure for me and had some of that Duran/Roxy exoticism. Having the sensuous Susanna Hoffs coo some backing vocals really sold it for me.

         Simon LeBon/Susanna Hoffs 
                "Follow in My Footsteps"


Been listening to Cheap Trick once again lately. I even watched, over the internet, their rain-soaked short set at the DC Earth Day event . Today I purchased a ticket to see them open for Styx at the Delaware State Fair (about 50 minutes from where we stay at the beach)

Here's a good one from the "One on One" album produced by the guy who help Queen become huge, Roy Thomas-Baker.

                                                                                    "Time is Runnin"


I was having some weird moments at work. Feeling under appreciated. For some reason this one entered my mind, Like "this job" is "Wrong again....:"

supergroup of Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Billy Bremner, and Terry Williams

        Rockpile "Wrong Again (let's face it)"


Well, Neil Young is back at with Crazy Horse. They usually make a beautiful noise...

 Their new cd is going to be covers of traditional old tunes. hmmm...I don't know about this one...

   Neil Young and Crazy Horse 
               "Oh Susannah"

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