Saturday, April 14, 2012

Have ya done yer taxes?- 5 "tax"songs for April 15th

As Chris Rock once said
"One thing Clinton did l didn't like,
raise taxes. Taxes all high and sh#t.
You know what's f@c*ed-up about taxes?
You don't even pay taxes. They take tax.
You get your check, money gone! That ain't a payment, that's a jack!


   Of course Chris sings a different tune these days, 
but we can talk about hypocrisy another day.. 


  The man in black weighs in on taxes
                   Johnny Cash "After Taxes"

Joni upset with some folks being tax-exempt. Produced by Thomas Dolby
                         Joni Mitchell "Tax Free"


                                                  Guns n Roses "IRS"

"You work hard, you make money..."
                Cheap Trick "Taxman Mr Thief"


                             Robert Cray "1040 Blues"

bonus track:

Jimi Hendrix's instrumental track "Tax Free"


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