Monday, April 30, 2012

5 songs in my brain or on the radio today...

another mix in my brain....

always seems like a cliche all of the old blues guys who were named "Willie" and/or were blind.
                Blind Willie Johnson 
"If I had My Way I'd Tear the Building Down"
     aka "Samson and Delilah"

 Boston based band featured some ex-members of the Joe Perry Project. I saw them open for Boston in 1987. Decent 80's AOR produced by Keith Olsen. Singer/guitarist Charlie Farren still very active in music. Has a new band with another 80's icon Jon Butcher.
             Farrenheit "Lost in Loveland"

Still on a Monkees kick lately, Written by Carole King, great guitar riff. Love the rise of the "din" at the end.
          The Monkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday"


Heard this one on Sirius today. I think they are doing it on their reunion tour. They were always good when they got a little weird.

        The Beach Boys "Heroes and Villains"

I first heard this on the Kinks live "One for the Road" double album. It was the album that got me into the Kinks. I could identify with the lyrics on this one sometimes...
                  The Kinks "Misfits"

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