Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ya gotta learn to crawl before you can run...5 songs examing the struggle...

Ah, the concept of learning to crawl and then evolving and growing and actually standing up and walking!  Most of us even develop  the ability to run! Physical acts, but emotionally we must go thru the same steps.  You can't jump from point A to point D, at least not in any healthy way. We have to experience life and grow, otherwise you just end up stuck ; faking that you've evolved but you are miserable inside.

Here are 5 tunes examining the struggle:

             John Lennon is one of the biggest rock stars to ever lived. By 1970 he had left the Beatles and was fighting drug and emotional problems. He went into therapy with Arthur Janov to try and work thru issues. He had to go back and look at the unresolved pain of his childhood. His parents separated when he was very young. His father went off to sea to work, his mother left him with his Aunt Mimi and went off and started another family. She flitted in and out of John's life until she was tragically killed when John was 18.  That's a lot of crap to numb yourself to. But rock stardom can help divert you from that and no one was a bigger rock star than Lennon.... but even he had to eventually face the deepest truths.... 
"Children, don't do what I have done
                              I couldn't walk and I tried to run..."                             
                                               John Lennon "Mother"

Chrissie Hynde called the Pretenders 1984 album "Learning to Crawl".
2 members of the original Pretenders died drug related deaths within a year of each other  (James Honeyman-Scott in 1982, Pete Farndon in 1983) . 
Chrissie decided to continue the band with drummer Martin Chambers. After the death of Honeyman-Scott in 1982 she tried to pick up the pieces by recording and releasing "Back on the Chain Gang". The band was barely a "band". She used Billy Bremner from Dave Edmunds and Rockpile to play guitar and Tony Butler from Pete Townshend's band (and later Big Country) on bass for the session. Neither would be kept on in the group.   
So here's one to having to start over, to learning to get back "out there" and function again....    

                        The Pretenders "Back on the Chain Gang"


Here's one from Daniel Lanois' "For the Beauty of Wynonna" cd. Daniel is one of the most respected producers in music. Own U2 "The Joshua Tree" or Peter Gabriel's "So"? 
Daniel is a huge part of the reason they were successful. 
He is a fantastic artist in his own right.

                          "Still Learning How to Crawl"


Here's one  more from John Lennon. This one is from the "Imagine" album.  It was rumored to be directed at McCartney but I think it directed at all of us including Lennon himself!
He dresses it up with some humor but the message is very true.  You can fake it, but there are no shortcuts to being spiritually evolved and content..

           "You can wear a mask and paint your face,
You can call yourself the human race,
You can wear a collar and a tie.
One thing you can't hide;
Is when you're crippled inside."

"Crippled Inside" 

I'll leave you with Keith Richards keeping it simple...
"it's a Struggle..."


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