Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today's playlist: 7 songs rolling 'round my head..

Just some songs in my head and on the stereo today...

Heard George Harrison's "All Thing Must Pass" today. And am wearing my George shirt I got last week.....

                                                           (this is not
 Here's Paul McCartney and the all star band at the "Concert For George"
                                  "All Things Must Pass"

Heard this one on Sirius the other day.  
America "I Need You" 
 I think George Martin produced this album.
Plus while at the mall ,I just picked up a cool "America" Shirt for $7.50 (orig $39) from Lucky Brand. 

                                                                 "I Need You"

I learned that Eric Lowen of the duo Lowen & Navarro passed away this weekend. 
Their Cd "Walking on a Wire" from 1990 was one of my old favs. Definitely worth checking out. 

Here's the title track. The lyric "You told the truth but you're still a liar" is one of my all-time favorite turns of a phrase....


I always felt this one was one Steven Tyler wrote for his daughters, particularly Liv and Mia , and about the turmoil of their upbringings. Their mother's were models and around rock's movers and shakers.
Musically I hear more of the psychedelic Beatle-sque sound to it, maybe even a little of the baroque pop of the Zombies and The Left Banke who I believe Steven knew and was a fan of.

                             Aerosmith "Jaded"

I'm on a 20/20 kick the past 24hrs. Great Power Pop.

             20/20 "Remember the Lightning"

Heard this one from the underrated Gerry Rafferty (he of "Baker Street"fame) today on Sirius's "The Bridge" channel. Good tune...
                                               "Days Gone Down"


some nerdy Prog-pop from Asia. Steve Howe keeps em legit.

                          Asia "My Own Time" (live)


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