Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Song Spotlight: Don Henley w/ Axl Rose -"I Will Not Go Quietly"

"I'm strong enough to be weak" That is the lyric that is embedded in my brain.

The track itself is nothing spectacular. Henley's version of a "heavy metal" song. The music bed written by his producer and collaborator Danny Kortchmar sounds a little like something Joe Walsh might come up with. With programmed drums and synths it's actually kinda stiff. Throw in the unlikely participation of Henley's Geffen label-mate Axl Rose and you've got an anomaly in the Henley catalog. "Best of My Love" it ain't!

Rose is brought in to add power to the lyrics of defiance and determination. It is to Henley's credit that a lyric of vulnerability is stuck in there as well. It is no accident. The guy is a master lyricist who combs over every word and cadence before he releases it to us.

I love the sentiment "strong enough to be weak". It is so true. You have to be a strong person really in touch with your real self to allow yourself to be weak at times. Their are times when you need help. It can be a physical illness, an emotional problem, a struggle with a substance. It is that concept of surrender. "I can't do it alone. I need some help". It takes courage to allow yourself to ask for help, love, guidance...

Women don't seem to have as big a problem with the concept. They are raised that it is ok to weep, mourn, ask for help and love. Men? We are raised to be tough. Don't get me wrong, no one wants to see men openly weeping over trivial everyday things, but to try to uphold some kind of macho facade is physically and emotionally unhealthy. You need to allow yourself to be open and vulnerable in order to experience and grow in life, other wise you just stay stuck in a rut. Being shut-down and walking around like a zombie sucks, so be "strong enough to be weak" sometimes. You will feel better in the long run.....

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