Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Ronnie Montrose...R.I.P.

Would never claim to an expert on Ronnie Montrose's music. Sorry to hear he passed. ....

    The first Montrose incarnation featured Sammy Hagar on vocals. A lot of hard rockers site their work together as an influence  (ironically, even Van Halen!)

                                                   "Bad Motor Scooter"

                                        "Rock the Nation" is a pretty cool tune

                                            "Rock Candy"


The first I heard of Montrose's music was in the 80's. He had the band Gamma who still could rock hard, but also moved in a more AOR/melodic rock direction.


 Having  Mitchell Froom on keyboards added a different dimension to their music.

                                                    "Right the First Time"





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