Monday, March 26, 2012

"Keep on Working" -10 "Work" songs

Pretty simple. You need money so you have to work.
 I've experienced unemployment a couple of times and while it's nice not to have to be anywhere, it's a struggle to not have money and survive....

Happy Monday....Here's 10 "work" songs...

I'm glad to be back to working after a long period of unemployment. In this economy be grateful for having a job with health benefits.
written by Bruce Springsteen, 
                  Gary U.S. Bonds "Out of Work"

                              Pete Townshend "Keep on Working"


                           Michael Stanley "Working Again"



 Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes,who sounds like a cross between Brian Johnson and Bruce Springsteen,
with a tune written
    by Jonathan Cain of Journey
                           "Working Class Man"

 Rush, the original trio, "Working Man"


                                        REM "The Finest worksong"

       from "Born in the USA" 
Bruce Springsteen "Working on the Highway"


The Rolling Stones with a good nasty one
                             "Dirty Work"

       The Godfathers cool anthem 
                 "Birth, School, Work, Death"

 Heard the Lennon original many times so Thought I'd post Bowie and the boys covering it
                          Tin Machine "Working Class Hero"

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