Friday, March 2, 2012

5 more cool Beatles covers...

                         Here are 5 more cool Beatles covers...

                       The late Elliott Smith tackled a difficult one here and does a great job.         

                                      Elliott Smith - "Because"

              Todd Rundgren is so talented he can sound just like the originals, sometimes that isn't the best thing. Sometimes you want a cover to be a little different but here's Todd anyway....
                Todd Rundgren "Strawberry Fields Forever" 


 Jakob Dylan has done some pretty good covers . Here's one now:

The Wallflowers - I'm Looking Through You 


         Love this version from Neil...

             Neil Young "A Day in the Life"    


     When Paul was in the Jam they covered "and Your Bird Can Sing",
    Here he tackles a "White Album" classic       

                                  Paul Weller "Sexy Sadie" 


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