Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday- 5 "Monday" songs

Monday's are tough. Especially when you lose an hour sleep! ugh. Time to get movin'..

  produced by Steve Lillywhite from Marshall's 2nd album.
 Time to get up and get to work!             

               Marshall Crenshaw "Monday Morning Rock"


               The Motels  are probably more known for their songs of romantic wistfulness. Here's one that Martha Davis faces the reality of the work week and a job you're not crazy about....                  

                         The Motels "Monday shutdown"

Gotta have this one...

                                  Fleetwood Mac "Monday Morning"


 One of the best "Monday" songs. Originally done by Fats Domino.

                        Bob Seger "Blue Monday"

One from the guy who really loves weekends...

                                          Jimmy Buffett "Come Monday"

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