Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Figure of Eight": 8 good 80's Paul McCartney songs

I decided to focus on some lesser known tracks from Paul's 80's output. There are some little gems in there.


"Flowers in the Dirt" from 1989 had some decent songs. I really like this one. Had some of the old Wings spirit
                       "Figure of Eight"



Title track of his 1983 album "Pipes of Peace"


 from "Tug of War" . A very Wings-like one

                              "The Pound Is Sinking" 



 a quirky piano based song from 1986's "Press to Play"

                                      "However Absurd" 




First released as a single in Europe in 1987, this track was included on the 1993 European reissue of the "Press to Play" cd. It features noted violinist Nigel Kennedy. I really like the feel of this track and am surprised it didn't get more respect. Still never officially issued in the US? Produced by Phil Ramone and mixed by George Martin

                               "Once Upon a Long Ago"



 "Flying to My Home" was b-side in 1989.



David Gilmour of Pink Floyd guests on this one

                       "We Got Married"



I even like this "wimpy" one.  Captures that "lovesick" feeling. "this is worse than anything I've ever had.."

The video is cheesy fun.

                                      " So Bad"

for further reading allabout80' listed their favorite 80's McCartney songs here: 

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