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"Feel Like a Stranger"- 15 "Stranger" songs

"Stranger"(noun)- an unfamiliar person, someone we don't know. You can feel like a stranger; alone or lonely among others.
"Stranger" (adjective)- more unusual than normal. out of the ordinary

A stranger can be someone we've never met. It can also be someone we used to know quite well that we feel we don't know anymore. You've changed, they've changed...
there can be a certain sadness when someone slips away from you..

Here's 15 "Stranger" songs....

         Jefferson Starship had a few 80's albums that were good AOR/melodic rock. Before they slipped into cheesiness. I really liked and still like the "Modern Times" album. 
My Mom took me to see them on this tour for my birthday in 1981. 
38 Special opened. 
I know this was/is her favorite song by them.

               Jefferson Starship "Stranger"

I always liked this one . Written by singer Henry Small who was in the group Prism and did this one with John Entwistle.
 Small sings backing vocals on this version by Eddie Money. A great tune about feeling alienated...I've been there many times.....
                   Eddie Money " Stranger in a Strange Land"

In 1980 Foghat released one of my favorite albums "Tight Shoes". Very influenced by new wave, Nick Lowe, etc. It really shows what a great pop writer Lonesome Dave was. But the hard rockers, metal heads , or the "punters" as the Brits say, didn't dig it. They wanted rewrites of "Slow Ride". Sadly, the lowest common denominator always wins.....

                   Foghat "Stranger in My Town"



 One of Billy Joel's more rocking tracks. Great tune pondering how we have parts of ourselves that are "strangers" to even us. 

                       Billy Joel 'The Stranger"

This one was a guilty pleasure back in the day for me. 
I liked the kind of "new wave" feel to it. Strong chorus.
                                Toto "Stranger in Town"

 If you've ever been fortunate enough to date a beautiful girl, you know you've had some feelings of jealousy if she talks too much to some other guy at a bar or a party etc. 
If you think a girl is hot, other guys think she's hot. Simple fact. It means you are going to have competition. 
She will say "Oh he was just being nice." or "It's not like that , he's just a friend". Yeah? Bulls$&it. I'm a guy . I know what he's thinking. Wake up! lol

                 Rick Springfield "Don't Talk to Strangers"

Stevie Nicks mid 80's output started to slip some. On this one she sings of how someone you used to care deeply for becomes a stranger

                   Stevie Nicks "Some Become Strangers"

Gino Vannelli who was mostly a "soft rock" guy actually made a pretty good pop/new wave album in 1985 called "Black Cars".  Reminds of some of Gary Myrick's 80's work. 
This one is from that album.

                    Gino Vannelli "Total Stranger"

 A great one sung by Dave Davies. From the "Lola" album

                       The Kinks "Strangers"

Bob Dylan did a great versions of this one, but couldn't find it on YouTube. A great song about feeling abandoned and lonely...

               Ralph Stanley "Rank Strangers"

This one is a little more optimistic and happy.

Joe Jackson "Stranger than Fiction"

Yes. I am actually including a Grateful Dead song on this list! This is from a period where I thought I kinda liked them. (1980) I remember thinking this one was ok. Sounds a bit bland now....

 Grateful Dead "Feel Like a Stranger"

It's never good when various circumstances, work pressures, trying to meet the demands of friends and family,etc, actually make you feel like a stranger to your real self and what you want out of life...

            Billy Squier "Stranger to Myself"

Canadian band the Payolas. Guitarist Bob Rock went on to produce some really big albums Metallica "Black album", Motley Crue "Dr Feelgood" , The Cult "Sonic Temple", etc.

               The Payolas "Eyes of a Stranger"

U2 with a track from what is probably regarded as their weakest 80's album 'October"

                    U2 "Stranger in a Strange Land"

Thanks for viewing. Don't be a "Stranger"

(ooo, cheesy, I know)

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