Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Change"- 10 "Change" songs

ah "change". Such a buzz word these days.  Some change is good, some is bad...
Really people aren't that fond of change. We like the known.
 Even when we are in bad situations (jobs, relationships, etc.) we can be fearful of the unknown so we stick with what we know.  Hence the "Better the devil you know" phrase...

Other people are content with their lives and really don't want change. they're "good". Does that make them bad people for not wanting to change? I don't think so...

These days I see people expecting others and even society as a whole to "change" for them. I think that is a lot to ask! 
If you are part of a small group of people who want a larger group of people to change for you,  I think you are asking too much...sorry...

We can all try and change ourselves... 
We are the only ones we can really can control anyway, remember the world really don't owe ya nothin....
Good luck to ya...
 Here's 10 "Change" oriented songs:

                                      Utopia "Maybe I Could Change"



                      Journey "Change for the Better"


                                        INXS "Don't Change"

more of an animal activist type tune. Macca being a staunch vegetarian and all.

                       Paul McCartney "Looking For Changes"


The 1995 version of the band without Stevie and Lindsey, better than you would think:

                             Fleetwood Mac :"Winds of Change"


"well I fought for you, I fought too hard...."

   Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers :"Change of Heart"



            Eric Clapton "Change the World"


                    Todd Rundgren "Change Myself"

 Fleetwood Mac friend and one time Rod Stewart guitarist:

                          Todd Sharp "Don't Change It"


  Eric and Steve cover Buddy Miles' song he did with Hendrix.

         Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood " Them Changes"


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