Friday, March 16, 2012

Be Lucky- 10 "Lucky" songs

ah St. Patrick's day is here. 
An excuse for folks to get wasted on green beer.            
Here's 10 "Lucky" songs fer ya.
Have a safe one...


                                           Jo Boxers "Just Got Lucky"

                                       John Lennon "Luck of the Irish


                     Bruce Springsteen "Lucky town"

                      Rod Stewart "Some Guys Have All the Luck"

                                  Todd Rundgren "Lucky Guy"


                                              Tom Petty "You Got Lucky"

                                            Foghat "Third Time Lucky"


                 Paul McCartney & Wings "With a Little Luck"

                                   Mick Jagger "lucky in Love"

                       Emerson Lake & Palmer  "Lucky Man"


  1. Loverboy - Lucky Ones
    Eels - Lucky Day In Hell
    Til Tuesday - Believed You Were Lucky

  2. Loverboy didn't make my final cut, but I forgot about Til Tuesday. great song.