Saturday, March 10, 2012

Springing forward- 10 "time" songs

As we spring forward tonight, I started to think about "time"

 It flies, it can drag on... All depends on what you are doing. your perspective at the time. 
As you get older, 5 years go by like 1 used to. When you are young every school year feels like three years!
   Don't forget to reset the clocks tonight!


Of course Pink Floyd has the mother of all "Time" songs "Shorter of breath, one day closer to death"

                                                        "Time" live 1994

In 1980 YES was in flux. The guys had The Buggles, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes join the band. A bold and controversial move. Some feel no Jon Anderson, then no YES.  I disagree. The "Drama" album is one their best. "Tempus fugit"? Latin for "time flies"..

                                                 YES "Tempus Fugit"



       The guys in Rush had heard Til Tuesday's "What About Love" single and really like Aimee Mann's voice. They asked her to sing some backing vocals on this one and she said yes. Still one of the most unlikely pairings in the history of rock. Live, they use a sample of her voice. The guys still play this one on tour as seen below.
                              Rush "Time Stand Still"


Ray Davies is one of the greatest songwriters of all-time. There is a wistful melancholy to so many of his songs. Right up my alley.

 "Tell me, brother what's the plan?
Will I be a working man?
And occupy my idle mind
Or kill the time I knew so well
(Killing time) Giving me hell"

                            The Kinks "Killing Time"





  Here the protagonist feels he has things under control. ...             

                     The Rolling Stones "Time is on my side"



 A great one from one of the all-time underrated bands

                       The Guess Who "No Time"



 Many may view Pat Benatar as a joke, an 80's relic, or a series of bad fashion choices, but she is a classically trained vocalist who really made some good 80's AOR (album oriented rock).
 Her husband Neil Geraldo is one of the most innovative rock guitarist of the era and helped Pat get respect from the male rock audience, well that and she was kinda cute.

                                          Pat Benatar "Precious Time"

Triumph was sometimes looked at as a poor man's Rush, but they had their merits and could be quite reflective and insightful with their lyrics...


                          Triumph "Killing Time"


 Here's some wisdom from the Stones during the Mick Taylor-era. Mick stars on this one and has often said he thought he deserved some songwriting credit on this...

           The Rolling Stones "Time Waits for No One"


Here's a cover of one-hit wonders, the Outsiders 60's hit

                                      The Smithereens "Time Won't let me"

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