Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 more "time" songs

So many songs, so little time...

Here's 5 more "time" oriented songs....


 New-wavers Missing Persons were much more talented than given credited for. Their musical pedigrees were strong, having worked with the likes of Frank Zappa. 
Warren went on to play in Duran Duran, Terry went on to play with Jeff Beck among others and is reuniting with UK this year.

                                   Missing Persons "Racing Against Time"

Canadian band Saga successfully melded Prog rock with AOR.
 Their finest work was done with Rupert Hine, one of the top producers of the era (the Fixx, Rush, Stevie Nicks, Howard Jones). 

This one was out in 1983. I remember listening to it a lot when I had a horrible part-time job as a bus boy.

"I'm getting very tired of waiting for the weekend Then there's nothing when it comes around. I need a little more excitement give me some adventure -" God, I felt old even

                                                       Saga "Time's Up"


The Hooters had there biggest success in the 80's but continue to do strong work. Their "Time Stand Still" cd is excellent.

                           The Hooters "Time Stand Still"


                                Lindsey Buckingham
                                  "Time Precious Time"


Well, we can all feel like we've wasted time...sometimes a lot of it....

                                  The Eagles "Wasted Time"


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