Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 "Learning and Lesson" songs.. .

Learning is an ongoing thing in everyone's life, and not just academically...
 Here are 5 "Learning and Lesson" oriented songs....

 I admit I never heard this one until I heard the Dream Academy cover it. The obscure band the Korgis did the original. 
Either way, love the song and often hum the very wise lyrics in my mind...

   The Dream Academy "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"

The Police are one of my all-time favorite groups. 
The rough sound of their first album still holds it's charm.

          Love tracks like this 
                                              The Police "Truth Hits Everybody"

our next "lesson" comes from Buddy Holly via the Stones. 
      A fun Keith vocal.

                                             Rolling Stones "Learning the Game"

 Paul Carrack , who was coming off success with Squeeze (he sang lead on "Tempted") ,teamed up with Nick Lowe for a very good solo album in 1982.

  Here's a live cut from the era :

                          Paul Carrack with Nick Lowe "Lesson in Love"


Here are some "Love Lessons' from Stewart Copeland with some help from Nik Kershaw, Mark King and Mr Bean?!!!
                           Stewart Copeland "Love Lessons"


BONUS Lesson:

From MR. T! 
                                                     Mr. T -Life Lessons

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