Friday, March 9, 2012

5 "Friday" songs for ya...

Yes it's Friday. Just gotta get thru the work day and that feeling off relief comes; the weekend.....

Here are 5 "Friday tunes for yer day....

originally done by the Easybeats in the 60's, covered by many.
 I like Frampton's version

                                   Peter Frampton "Friday on My Mind"

This one isn't quite as upbeat

                               The Black Crowes "Good Friday"


This one is upbeat and has a nostalgic slant to it

                              The Darkness "Friday Night"


Here's one that appears in too many movies, but still catchy.

                            The Cure "Friday I'm in Love"


Here's one from when Joe Jackson was kinda punky..

                                 Joe Jackson "Friday"


gotta have a little country. yee haw, it's Friday
                                               George Jones "Finally Friday"


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