Sunday, March 4, 2012

15 Cool Neil Young Covers

Neil is such a great writer and many diverse artists have covered his songs.


 Great Scottish band that had some mild success in the US in the 90's

                    Del Amitri "Don't Cry no Tears"


Recorded during the many sessions Rick Rubin produced in Cash's later years.

                                           Johnny Cash "Heart of Gold"



 The feisty Gallagher brothers picked a raunchy one to cover      
                              Oasis "Hey Hey My My"


 Roxy Music really took a great song and somehow added something to it. Love this version

                                   Roxy Music "Like a Hurricane"

Matthew Sweet is certainly a devotee of Neil's raunchy guitar sound.

Matthew Sweet "Cortez the  Killer"

Rush covering their fellow Canadian Neil Young?  Surprised?
 me too. But they turn in a decent version.

Rush "Mr Soul"

Chrissie Hynde is a big Neil fan. Would have liked to have seen her cover something a bit less known.

The Pretenders "Needle and the Damage is Done"

Annie does a good turn of this classic,if  a little overproduced maybe.
                       Annie Lennox "Don't Let it Bring You Down:


Nils Lofgren  met Neil at very young age and was recording with Crazy Horse at 18! He has continued to work with Neil once in awhile over the years.

                                   Nils Lofgren "the Loner"

Matthew Sweet has covered a few Neil Young songs and Hoffs may viewed as lightweight for her 80's success but she is a knowledgeable fan of classic rock and pop and a great singer.

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs 
"Everybody Knows this is Nowhere"


The group Prelude covered this in the 70's. It kinda sounds what  like Abba might sound like covering Neil Young. lol

                                   Prelude "After the Gold Rush"


 Former Jam and Style Council leader came to Neil and 70's pastoral rock a little later in his career.

                          Paul Weller "Birds"


Many people have covered it, but the Alarm were one of the first. Neil even played it with them live one time.

                                    The Alarm "Rockin in the Free World"



The Odds were a decent power pop/alt rock band in the 90's. They actually opened for and then backed up Warren Zevon on a tour. I saw that tour and they did a nice job.

                    The Odds "Cinnamon Girl"



 Nicolette took the MOR (Middle of the Road) approach on this one but she got a big hit out of it.

                                        Nicolette Larson "Lotta Love"


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