Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 good Springsteen covers

Bruce is in the Philly/DC area this week. So in his honor, here are 10 good Bruce covers

The Knack covered this live early on in their career. 
Bruce didn't release it until much later. 
The Knack themselves didn't release their version until the late 80's/early 90's

                       The Knack "Don't Look Back"


Greg Kihn released his version long before the Boss ever did.

                   Greg Kihn Band "Rendezvous"

Manfred Mann of course did a great job with Bruce's "Blinded by the Light" really made it their own.

they also did a nice job on this one

       Manfred Mann's Earth Band "For You"


After a long layoff, The Band finally released a new studio album in 1994. They included a great version of Bruce's "Atlantic City"

                           The Band "Atlantic City"

Roger Taylor of Queen has made some very good solo albums. On his 2nd one, he did a cover of Bruce's 

"Racing in the Streets"

The Smithereens covered Bruce's forlorn ballad "Downbound Train" from the "Born in the USA" album

Bruce gave Dave Edmunds "From Small Things(big things one day come)". 
He didn't release his own version until much later.

Dave Edmunds "From Small Things Big Things One day come"

In 1981 Bruce helped out one of his boyhood heroes,
Gary US Bonds, make a big comeback. 
Bonds had a big hit with Bruce's "This Little Girl"


Bruce and Warren Zevon always seemed to have a mutual respect. Bruce appeared on Warren's final album the Wind". Warren covered Bruce's "Cadillac Ranch" many years before.

"Poor Poor Pitful Me/Cadillac Ranch"


In 1986 Steve Earle covered Bruce's "State Trooper" from the "Nebraska" album

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