Friday, March 2, 2012

10 decent Beach Boys covers

The Beach Boys are back in the spotlight this year because of their 50th Anniversary tour. They finally got Brian Wilson to agree to tour with them and Mike Love and Al Jardine stopped fighting over the name.
I prefer their odd deeper cuts. Here are some good covers.

                  Can't go wrong with brother Ray. I've never seen this. It works...             

                                    Ray Charles "Sail on Sailor"



 Fleetwood Mac snuck this lesser known BBoys song on their Fleetwood Mac "Live" album at a time when Christine McVie was going out with Dennis Wilson. Of course he used to do things like use her credit card to buy her flowers (that never works guys...).  The relationship didn't last....

  They had done a version at a soundcheck and threw it on there.
 I was shocked to see they did it on tour 17 years later! Love their version...

                         Fleetwood Mac "Farmer's Daughter"



 Aimee Mann/Michael Penn  "I Just Wasn't made for these Times. 

    2 great students of 60's pop and rock music, they did this one at a tribute to Brian.


                             Reliant K "Sloop John B
  great job on this by a band I don't know much about, but always like when I hear something by them.

                                             David Bowie "God Only Knows"
                a bit over the top, but why not ...



                                                  Go-Go's "Surf City" 

                                        fits right in with their sound...

                                          Jeff Beck "Surf's Up/Surfin USA"
                                        Jeff's guitar is his voice....

                    Matthew Sweet and Darius Rucker "Sail on Sailor"
                                              another good version. Sweet is a Brian Wilson devotee


 A rare turn for Bruce Johnston to shine. He is mainly in the Beach Boys because Brian Wilson had a breakdown and didn't want to tour anymore!. He also wrote "I Write the Songs" so I'm sure he's doing ok cash wise.
                       Here's Art Garfunkel doing Bruce's "Disney Girls"


 okay, I'm running out of gas on this. I was looking for a Dennis Wilson song. "Forever" was pretty sensitive for a guy who hung out with Charles Manson! I found this version. It was either this or John Stamos' version (I'm not kidding!)
                                                            Kayla Williams "Forever"       



  1. My favorite Beach Boys cover. Pretty unknown power pop band from late 90's, Skycycle

    1. That is really good. Their version has some real muscle and power to it. Good Power Pop