Monday, February 20, 2012

The Who- "Love is Coming Down"

The Who has been one of my favorite groups since I went to see the movie "The Kids are Alright" by myself at the old Towson movie theater (where the Recher Theater is now).
 My life was never the same. It effected me in such a visceral way, like your first drink, your first experiences with the opposite sex, etc. It was earth shaking to this 13-year old.
Of course I got the soundtrack to the movie with a ton of great Who songs, and I think it was that Christmas I got the "Who Are You" album.
Of course there are rockers like the title track, but Townshend had started to expand his musical palette and get more into more introspective and sophisticated pieces (really started with "Who by Numbers").
"Love is Coming Down" is one of those "softer" pieces. Pete went onto delve more into this direction with his solo work. The lyric "I'm not a loser but did I really win?" often rings in my head reflecting on my life, but the game isn't over yet. I could have a comeback......

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