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The weakest tracks on classic albums

Some albums are revered on the highest level. They can sell millions of copies, earn Grammys, but chances are there still a track or tracks you press the  > button on your cd player or your IPod. I'm not saying they are horrible. These are just tracks that are of a lower artistic quality than the great tracks on these albums

Here are some examples:

 The Beatles "Revolver" is considered by many (yours truly included) to be the Beatles best all-around album and is considered one of the greatest albums of all-time. It contains "Eleanor Rigby", "I'm Only Sleeping", "She Said She Said", "For No One", "Tomorrow Never Knows",etc. George Harrison has two of his best songs on this album, "I Want to Tell You" and "Taxman".
His third song is the dud and the dud of the album.
"Love You To" is George delving deeper into the sitar and the atonal aspects that are Indian Music. It is the one to skip. Sorry George.
                                                                  "Love You To"

 The Eagles "Hotel California" is one of the definitive albums of the 70's . Great tracks like the title track, "New Kid in Town", and "Life in the Fast Lane" are still played constantly on classic rock radio. Deeper tracks like "The Last Resort", "Victim of Love", "Wasted Time" and Joe Walsh's "Pretty Maids all in a Row"are all winners.
The track that will having you press your "Next" button is Randy Meisner's "Try and Love Again". Randy was the bass player who sang great backing vocals.
His moment to sing lead in the spotlight was the show stopper "Take it to the Limit".
This one didn't measure up. Randy left the band the next year as his input had been reduced over the years.

                                              The Eagles "Try and Love Again"

    It's often been said that  The Beatles "White Album" would have made an incredible single album as opposed to being the double album it is. There is probably some merit in that argument. Lot of great tracks "Blackbird" , "Dear Prudence", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Rocky Racoon", "Glass Onion " "Happiness is a Warm Gun", "Birthday" ,etc. There are a number of candidates for weakest tracks. The obvious is the John & Yoko  60's art experiment that is "Revolution #9". What a waste of vinyl.
 I challenge you to get thru the whole thing.
but there are other weak tracks. Ringo's "Don't Pass Me by" has it's light charm, but the world wouldn't suffer with out it.  Some may not like George's "Piggies", or Paul's "Honey Pie" (John used to call this "Granny music") I am going to nominate George's "Long, Long Long" as the runner up here.
It just drones on too much for me:
                                                                  "Long, Long, Long"
                  I was listening to U2's "War" recently. It has great tracks like "New Years Day'. "40", "Two Hearts Beat as one" as well as deep tracks like "Seconds, "Like a Song" and "Drowning man".  Even a great album like this has it's lulls.  Side 2 has weaker tracks like "The Refugee" and "Surrender" but the award to weakest has to be "Red Light".
 Don't remember it, do you. It starts off with female vocals that must have influenced Duran Duran for the beginning of "The Reflex" and the featured solo instrument  of the song is trumpet!

                                                           "Red Light"
                 Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA" was one of the biggest albums of the 80's It is the album that really catapulted him to international stardom. I think he released 6 singles from it. "Dancng in the Dark", "Born in the USA", "I'm on Fire", "Glory Days" "Cover Me" and "My Hometown" all made the charts. the album cut "Downbound Train" is one of Bruce's best songs. "I'm Goin Down" was a fun track. "No Surrender" was an anthem Bruce still plays once in a while. Some found "Bobby Jean" a little corny, but I thought it was alright. That leaves "Darlington County" and "Working on the Highway" and I am going to call "Working on the Highway" the weaker track. This is the kind of material  imitators like John Cafferty and John Eddie  put out in the wake of Bruce's 80's success.

                                               "Working on the Highway" 

 Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" is one of the best selling albums of all-time. It was really the first "blockbuster" album setting sales records around 25 million.  Great tracks like "Go Your Own Way", "Dreams", "Don't Stop", "Second Hand News", "Never Going Back Again" are all still loved today..
Stevie Nicks great ballad "Silver Springs" was intended for the album but left off.
Stevie is still pissed off about it. I can see why.

                They could have easily left off Christine McVie's "Oh Daddy". Press > on this one....
  I am going to return to U2 for one of the most over-rated albums of all-time featuring some of the most overplayed tracks of all time. I really never need to hear "With or Without You", "Where the Streets Have No Name", or "I Still Haven't found what I'm looking for" ever again. They aren't bad, they just aren't that great or transcendent as everyone made them out to be.

"The Joshua Tree" was U2's first album released after their historic Live Aid appearance. This was the album for people who had never bought any of their albums before like the younger kids, teenyboppers, etc. For as much as it is ballyhooed there are some weak tracks. One of the  B-sides "The Sweetest Thing"fron one of the singles is better than most of the album!
 As much as I love guitar, I've always hated the overblown "Bullet the Blue Sky",

You could nominate "Red Hill Mining Town" which believe or not was once considered to be the first single?! I didn't even know they made video for it featuring Bono in his Irish Fabio phase
I'm not much on "One Tree Hill" but it was written for one of their friends that died, so i will give them a pass.  I don't think "Exit" is very good, very overblown in the same way as "Bullet the Blue Sky"

 So I will go with the album closer "Mothers of the Disappeared". A song that sounds a bit like Peter Gabriel's "Biko". A sad topic already covered by Little Steven in " los desaparecidos " and later by Sting in "They Dance Alone".



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