Monday, February 20, 2012

Roger Hodgson-C'Lest le Bon

I'm really an introspective person, tend to keep deep feelings to myself.
With this blog I thought maybe I would stop polluting my friends Facebook feeds with my passionate music thoughts!. lol..
Roger Hodgson was one of the two main singer/songwriters in Supertramp until 1983 when he left after a tour.
The band continues on but have never reunited with Hodgson. He has continued to perform solo and has tried to basically reclaim intellectual ownership of the wonderful hits he has written by letting people know he wrote and sang these songs.  His songs are often  very introspective and really touch on the confusion of life and how easy we can easily lose our way and sadly, lose ourselves; our souls. It may be a bit 'hippie-ish" for some but I often return to listening to music like this...
(The songs starts about 3 minutes in...)
"I never knew what a man was supposed to be
I never wanted the responsibility
I still remember what they tried to make of me
They used to wonder what they couldn't get through to me"

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