Monday, February 20, 2012

The Revolution reunited!

I only found out because of my friend Steve posting about it.
 Here's a link to a review:

One could argue that Prince did his best work with the band. What do you think some of the best tracks are he did with them? I'd say his hottest streak was with them "1999" thru "Parade".

They broke up in 1986. Wendy & Lisa went on to do some fine work as artists as well as producers. Nice to see Dez Dickerson back with them. He did an excellent power pop cd in the 90's .

It would be nice to see Prince reunite with these folks. The 30th Anniv. of Purple Rain is coming up (began filming in 1983, released in 1984). I think the band could tour on their own and have some success in the meantime!
Seeing Dez reminded me of this song from Purple Rain. lol. He was supposed to go solo under Prince's wing but in never came to fruition....

Dez Dickerson "Modernaire"

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