Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fighting fatigue? me too. 7 "tired (and sleepy)" songs

I don't know bout you, but I am often dealing with chronic fatigue. It sucks.
Of course, then for some of us we have trouble sleeping at the end of the day, things racing thru our minds, too much caffeine intake during the day , etc.


Here are some tunes that sympathize with our plight

1.  The first tune that I always hum in my mind when I'm dragging...
               John Lennon's ode to fatigue, "I'm So Tired"

                                                  The Beatles "I'm So Tired'

2. In 1983 , Ozzy Osbourne seemed to just say "what the heck, let's make the most unlikely type of song    that I would ever sing", a big sweeping ballad with strings.
 It's actually very good! I'm always singing this one to myself as well on painfully long workdays...

.the video is pretty damn hilarious...

                                                                 Ozzy-"So Tired"


   3.        Next up is one from Roger Daltrey's 1984 solo album "Parting should be Painless".
                                     In this rock track Roger is "walking" in his sleep...
                                            Roger Daltrey "Walking in My Sleep"
4   Ray Davies is of often "tired", "Tired of Waiting for you", etc...
                                                        Here he's a "Sleepwalker"

                                                    the Kinks "Sleepwalker"

5.On their 2nd album, The Pretenders covered another of Ray Davies sleep-oriented songs,
                                          the beautiful "I Go to Sleep"
                                         The Pretenders "I Go to Sleep"

 6.   This singer in this one is tired too, of course his woman is bumming him out and wearing him down.

                                        Rocky Burnette- "Tired of Toein the Line"

7. Richard Butler and the Psychedelic Furs ode to insomnia and depression
                                       "Sleep Comes Down"


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