Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arcadia - The Promise

In 1985 Duran Duran was one of the most popular groups in the world. They decided to take a break and split into two side projects.
John Taylor and Andy Taylor formed the Power Station with Robert Palmer. They struck first and had the commercial success with two top ten hits and an SNL appearance. Produced by Bernard Edwards (John Taylor's hero from Chic), Andy really got to cut loose on guitar, while John got to flex his bass muscles and prove he was more than "just a pretty face". lol

Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes formed Arcadia and released"So Red the Rose" in the fall of 1985. "Election Day" was a top 40 hit, but the album was not that big of a success.
In retrospect Duran Duran would really never be the same again.
In 1986 Roger Taylor left the group and Andy Taylor bowed out early in the process of recording of the "Notorious" album.

To me , the Power Station album was fun at the time, but really doesn't hold up that well. It sounds "of it's time", the 80's.
With Arcadia, the production holds up better, it fits in nicely with other fine bands of the period like Roxy Music and Japan (two of DD's biggest influences).  
"The Promise" was , I believe the third single from the album. Incredibly it features Sting, who had just gone solo and was as big as ever at the time,  from Pink Floyd David Gilmour on guitar, Mark Egan on fretless bass, Andy MacKay from the aforementioned Roxy Music on sax, and Herbie Hancock on additional keyboards. A real supergroup!

I am still shocked that this song never really found an audience and became popular on some level. If not as a pop hit at least an Alternative rock radio hit .

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